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About KR pass

Korea Rail Pass is discounted ticket which non Korean can purchase. This ticket is for the exclusive use of foreigners. Foreign travelers can freely use all the trains of KORAIL including the general seats of KTX as well as the Saemaeul, Mugunghwa and Nooriro trains (excluding the subways and tourist trains), without limit in terms of the travel section and the count.

Types and Prices of KR Pass



1. This Voucher issued through Korail on-line system must be exchanged for Korea Rail Pass before travel. You can exchange voucher for Korea Rail Pass at main stations or every station office in Korea.
2. At the time of exchange, please show the credit card used for Payment and your passport.
3. The dollar price of the voucher can differ depending on the exchange rates at the time of purchase. When you purchase an e-ticket, the price in South Korean Won(KRW) is applied. The price system is as follows.



adult child 2~5people age:13~25
(Unit:KRW, Per Person)
1 day use 58,200 29,100 52,400 46,600
3 day use 84,600 43,200 76,100 67,700
5 day use 127,000 63,500 114,300 101,600
7 day use 160,400 80,200 144,400 128,300
10 day use 185,100 92,500 166,600 148,100


Limitation of Use



Added Benefits of KR PASS

  • · Seacloud Hotel in Busan : 50% Rates Discount (+82-51-933-1000)
  • · Busan Aquarium : 20% admission fee Discount (+82-51-740-1700)
  • · One-day Ticket of Lotte World in Seoul : admission fee 10% discount (+82-2-411-2000)
  • · Exchange Rate discount Service of WOORI BANK : 50% discount(only $,¥)
  • · S Roaming : Cell Phone Rental Fee 2,700KRW/Day → 1,400KRW/Day (+82-32-743-6467)